Who We Are

Aspiring to excellence in premium finance, we listen closely and work collaboratively to meet the needs of both our agent partners and their insureds. As one of the largest commercial premium finance companies in both strength and expertise, our passion is to deliver value beyond our competitive rates and terms and to make premium finance the easiest thing you do.

Our Partner Promise

The BankDirect Partner Promise framework includes our three core values – EXCELLENCE, INNOVATION AND TRUST – and our assurance that we will always provide a meaningful partner experience.

Here is what we do to help us keep our promise.


Always making sure you and your insured benefit.


Always with you every step of the way.


Always driven to be better at what we do.

Hear One Partner's Story

Hear One Partner's Story



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TEXT: Cancellation Prevention Partner Testimonial

TEXT: What’s it like to partner with BankDirect?
Here’s what one customer had to say.
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My name is Matthew Avellino, and I am a founding partner of a boutique property and casualty firm in New York City, specializing in the construction and professional market.

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TEXT: Matthew has partnered with BankDirect for over 10 years. He says there are two things that stand out.
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First, BankDirect allows me to compete. I work in a competitive arena and every day they give me rates and terms that make me successful.

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Second, BankDirect truly cares about my business. And I know, and my clients even know, that I have the support of BankDirect at every turn.

TEXT: Which is important in a partner, especially during a pandemic. Matthew says BankDirect was directly responsible for keeping their insured’s policies active and dreams alive.
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There are 3 clients that come to mind who had their work completely halt.

IMAGE: Building contractor

Of course, their premiums did not halt. And it was mass confusion trying to help them.

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Executive orders kept coming down, like every 3 days, each superseding the one before.

IMAGE: Engineer at a factory

But BankDirect was there for us, and we were able to work out a custom deal especially for these 3 clients.

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A typical banking scenario is if you can’t pay, you will be cancelled. BankDirect did not do that.

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And all 3 were able to not only stay in business but are in the process of renewing.

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TEXT: The BankDirect Cancellation Prevention Program helped countless number of companies stay in business during the pandemic. You can trust BankDirect to do all that we can to make sure your customer stays your customer.
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TEXT: Premium Finance with Trust

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